Marcos Padilla, Jr.

Marcos Padilla, his wife Juana, and their children Florina and Alfonso.

Native American Artist

Where It All Began:

Marcos Padilla, Jr. was born in the year 1958. Marcos was raised primarily into the Pueblo culture of New Mexico but he loves his Navajo heritage as well.

Art has always been integrated throughout both families with many relatives as fellow artists and craftspeople. Inspiration and encouragement from his families has always been one of the major motivating factors in Marcos’s pursuit of developing and nurturing his art styles. He knows the gift of dreaming & creating works of art comes from the Great Creator and the encouragement to realize those works from his loved ones.

The Professional Artist Emerges:

Since 1987, with fulltime art as a livelihood, he has consistently produced artworks that have captivated admirers and collectors. Galleries and museums worldwide have taken notice of Padilla’s contribution to the Native American art genre through exhibits, showings, commissions, guest lectures, individual & group collections. Some of the prestigious shows and awards include:Red Earth, Santa Fe Indian Market, Eitlejorg Museum, Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, and Tulsa Indian Art Market.

Art Spilling Off the Palette:

Padilla creates unique matting and framing, for his particular multi-dimensional art pieces, which can be as eye-catching as the artwork it’s presenting, and so becomes another extension of what Padilla offers as part of his art production. His home-based Art & Framing by Padilla of San Felipe keeps his keen eye for design active, his idle hands busy, and his mind constantly discovering fresh ideas.

Art In Worship-Life In the Spirit:

Since October of 2008, Marcos has expanded his artistic repertoire into Sunday morning worship formats. For many years Padilla has captured the attention of art festival patrons by doing live on-site paintings in his booths, this led to his being invited to create 4’x8’ mural panels during three day art festivals around the country. Now the challenge is to create 4’x8’ and 4’x6’ panels within a fifteen to twenty minute time frame, with each panel different and unique from the previous one. So far he has accomplished this “Art in Worship” four times, with three more in the next few months. It actually takes about two months of planning and working with a church to make sure everything flows to make Sunday morning worship something you’ll not so easily forget. His very first “Art in Worship” experience was 10 years ago, of a 4’x8’ pastel panel completed during Passover Sunday in about 45 minutes, probably the longest sermon that church ever had.

This format of involving others into the creative process is just another way that Padilla exercises and experiments with artistic challenges that push his skills and techniques to new applications. For Padilla, in most cases, he requires complete artistic freedom to do what pleases him. But with this endeavor, it will never be a piece that is twice duplicated as each body of worship leaders will have their input of ideas and suggestions along with the artist’s own spirituality and leading into how this final image will infuse and empower the worship experience.

Update September 2009!

In the last few months Padilla has been experimenting and creating sculptured works with fiberboard and mosaics, using his signature Pueblo designs and spirituality images. He is looking forward to revealing these newer pieces in the near future. Also in the planning stages are international festivals and showings for Europe, South America and select locations in the Middle East sponsored by Casino Uzmani, as invitations to participate have been extended to Padilla. The World Wide Web has delivered Padilla artworks to countries around the globe, and they have taken notice. Stay tuned to Padilla of San Felipe for the latest news nationally (San Felipe Pueblo News) and for updates from across the oceans.

How To Stay Connected:

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