“Life Comes Forth” the limited edition hand-painted bronze sculpture of the deity Corn Mother and her participation in the Creation Story is rendered by Pueblo artist Marcos Padilla, this spectacular masterpiece is almost sold out.

An Original Three Years in the Making Creates a Sensation:

A 1994 alabaster stone carving original tells the legend of the Corn Mother with beauty and grace. Reproduced into Padilla’s first hand colored bronze sculpture several years later in 1997 garnered at least five awards in Native American Art competitions nationwide; it quickly went through its first edition of ten. Another edition of fifteen was ordered and ten bronzes were purchased before Padilla took an eight year break from the business of art.

What Art Shows and Awards Did It Receive Recognition?

In 1997 it premiered at Red Earth (Oklahoma) with “First Place-Bronze Sculpture” award; “Third Place-Bronze Sculpture” award at Santa Fe Indian Market (New Mexico); “Third Place-Sculpture” award at Bartlesville Indian Summer Festival (Oklahoma). In 1998 it showcased with a “First Place-Sculpture” award at Kituwah Festival (North Carolina); and “Second Place-Sculpture” award from the New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque.

Where Did the Remaining Corn Maidens Go?

With his recent return to his easel & palette, chisels & files, Padilla has chosen to bring to full completion the five “Life Comes Forth” bronzes. So out of storage came the remaining few bronze sets. These last five sculptures will be presented each in their own signature Padilla mountings: carved stones, semi-precious stones, etched glass and gold accents, all with museum quality standards.

What Can We Expect For Our Investment of This Sculpture?

Padilla says, “I want to go all out on these last five Pueblo creation story pieces. Quite honestly, it will be the way I have intended, envisioned and waited to do with these from the first sketching of Corn Mother in 1985. This will also bring to a close a chapter in my life with Corn Mother; her symbolism of Pueblo creation/emergence has blessed my life with inspiration beyond my imagination. But I don’t own Corn Mother, just as our village doesn’t own the mesas that rise all around the pueblo. So I let her go through these remaining five, I hope others will be just as blessed as I have been.”

The retail price of each “Life Comes Forth” is listed at $ 4ooo with a brand new presentation format. With an etched glass backdrop, stone mounted on wood base, mosaic inlaid of semi-precious stones & coral, and a meticulously hand-painted bronze will surely become a showpiece for your exclusive collection. A spectacular work of art is waiting for you, born of an idea and image 23 years ago by one of America’s premier and endearing artist of Native American heritage.

Is the Website Corn Mother Image of the Recent or Older Presentation?

The image shown on Padilla’s current website is of the former presentation, those who order one of the five remaining bronzes will receive a full color proposed design of their sculpture in its newest presentation/mounting.